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The Pad Strap for iPad

The Pad Strap for iPad is an accessory that brings comfort, stability, and safety when using your Apple iPad. The iPad strap is minimalist in design, keeping the iPad sleek and sexy, just as Apple intended the iPad to be— it doesn't add weight or bulk to the iPad as plastic or rubber iPad cases and other accessories do.

  • The iPad hand strap helps prevent accidental slips and drops, cramped hands and strained wrists.
  • Natural leather molds to your specific device after extended use creating a perfect fit.
  • Real leather looks great on the iPad and works with the original Apple iPad, iPad 2 and the new 3rd generation iPad 3.

Reflecting Apple CEO Steve Jobs' sentiment that too many companies hide the beauty of the iPad inside a case from which it rarely emerges, The Pad Strap is intended to be used with a naked iPad.
  — MacNN
If you prefer to use your iPad without a cover, but you wish you could have a more secure grip when riding on the subway or giving a presentation, take a look at The Pad Strap for iPad.
  — The Gadgeteer
Allow me to give it the proper introduction: In a world full of complex gadgets, a simple gadget accessory can change the world.
  — Coolest Gadgets

The Pad Strap Classic Black

Classic Black

The Pad Strap Cognac Brown

Cognac Brown

The Pad Strap Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow

How It Works

The Pad Strap for iPad offers you the ability to comfortably support your iPad with one hand during presentations, while reading a book on the couch, playing a game on the subway, or safely responding to email while walking. The tight elastic band and deep leather pockets hold onto the iPad tightly allowing for a secure and comfortable hold while protecting the iPad from slipping or falling.

The Pad Strap for iPad The Pad Strap for iPad

An unbalanced iPad can strain your wrist and cramp your hand (left). With an iPad hand strap, the weight of the iPad is evenly distributed and creates a more comfortable experience (right).

The iPad is difficult to securely hold and use for any extended amount of time, as over time it becomes heavy and your hand and wrist becomes tired. The high-tension elastic creates a very secure hold on your iPad while hugging your hand comfortably. The iPad strap balances the weight of the iPad while holding it with one hand so its weight is distributed evenly and therefore becomes more comfortable to hold.

The Pad Strap for iPad

The Pad Strap for iPad also ideally used in the iPad's portrait orientation.

The Pad Strap helps prevent:

  • Accidental slips and drops
  • Cramped hands
  • Strained wrists

The Pad Strap is great for:

  • Giving presentations
  • Reading books
  • Conventions
  • Retail inventory
  • Freeing a hand for gaming and typing

The Pad Strap is used by:

  • Doctors and nurses
  • Students and teachers
  • Sales teams
  • In-field technicians
  • Warehouse and shipping workers
  • Waiters and waitresses



Q: Will the elastic stretch over time?

A: The Pad Strap is designed to outlive the life-cycle of your tablet device. The band is made from a specially fabricated elastic, called Gore or Goring, which is a heavy-duty fabric that is designed to stretch in only one direction and is commonly used where strength, endurance and longevity are required, like shoes.


Q: Can The Pad Strap be used with the Apple iPad Case? iPad Cover? iPad Smart Cover? Any cases or covers?

A: The Pad Strap will *not* fit over any iPad case or cover-- it was designed to fit over the corners of the iPad to create a tight fit so it remains secure. The Pad Strap is not designed to replace an iPad case or iPad cover, but it was designed for easy-on and easy-off ability so it is easily interchangeable with other iPad accessories.


Q: Will The Pad Strap work on other tablet devices? Such as the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tablet P1000 or P1010, Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7 inch, Kindle, Kindle 3, Nook Color, Cisco Cius...

A: The Pad Strap was designed for use with Apple’s iPad and iPad 2. The Pad Strap has not been tested on other tablets. When trying to determine if The Pad Strap will work with your device, there are a number of things to consider such as the size of the tablet, buttons it may cover and how sensitive those buttons are, and if the leather would cover any portion of the tablet's screen.

There was a review done of our iPad hand strap a couple of months ago which touches on this question with the reviewer's own Next tablet: http://www.jeffsreviews.com


Q: Do you ship internationally to my country? (bonopy.com)

A: Yes! We ship worldwide! We ship our products with the United States Postal Service (USPS) domestically and internationally. Large international, wholesale and custom orders are shipped by Federal Express (FedEx). The Pad Strap is shipped from the United States, therefore international shipping addresses must be written in English using Roman characters.


Q: I need this soon. Do you offer expedited shipping? (bonopy.com)

A: Yes! Depending on your location we offer expedited shipping both domestically and internationally. To find out what expedited shipping services we offer to your locale, you can fill your cart and get shipping estimates for the different expedited services available before going through the checkout process. Please allow 1 business day for processing your order. International orders must also allow for additional time for shipped packages to be processed through their country’s customs facility.

Where To Buy

Purchase the Pad Strap for iPad online:

The Pad Strap for iPad is also available at these retail locations:

  • Adorama Camera
  • 42 West 18th Street
  • New York, NY
  • (800) 223-2500

  • Digital Society
  • 60 East 10th Street
  • New York, NY
  • (212) 777-3093



United KingdomThe Pad Strap is an iPad purist’s delight, as it does not cover up the beauty of the iPad. It is elegant and consists of leather corners connected by a broad and sturdy strap running beneath the Tablet. This not only helps you to keep a secure grip but also allows you greater freedom of moving, even when you are holding the iPad.




United StatesThat is an iPad [attached to my hand], and it is attached to my hand via the iPad Strap. Allow me to give it the proper introduction: In a world full of complex gadgets, a simple gadget accessory can change the world.




ThailandThe Pad Strap คือสายรัดเข้าที่มุมของตัว iPad ทำให้สามารถใช้งานตัวเครื่องอย่างสะดวก เวลาใช้ก็เพียงแค่สอดมือเข้าไปที่สายรัดด้านหลัง เพียงแค่นี้ก็จะทำให้เราไม่ต้องกังวลว่า iPad จะหลุดหรือหล่นจากมือ ไม่ว่าจะเป็นการถือหรืออ่านหนังสือบนรถเมล์, รถไฟฟ้ารับรองว่าสะดวกอย่างบอกใคร




United StatesWhile the iPad is remarkably light, its weight can fatigue your hand after holding it for long periods of time. The iPad Strap actively secures the iPad to your hand, preventing grip fatigue and slipping regardless of the position of the device, and can be used in either landscape or portrait mode. The leather corners are aesthetically pleasing and do not obscure the screen or any functions of the iPad. For users that hold their iPad for long periods of time the iPad Strap is a worth accessory.








GreeceΟ ιμάντας έχει σχεδιαστεί ειδικά για να ταιριάζει στο iPad άνετα, παρέχοντας ένα ασφαλή τρόπο για τους χρήστες να κρατήσουν το iPad τους με το ένα χέρι. Το σχέδιο δημιουργήθηκε για να επαινέσει το κομψό και απλοϊκό στυλ. Ο ιμάντας Padstrap ταιριάζει άνετα στο iPad.




United StatesThe elastic is a tight fit on the device which is good. There is plenty of room for your hand. At no time did I feel that the iPad would fall out and it seemed pretty secure to me. [...] This strap is a good idea. I can see a lot of people who may prefer to use something like this with their device.




United StatesThe Pad Strap for the iPad is not just for those devices, it also fits other tablets and makes a great hand hold that supports and secures the tablet to your hand while using. Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25 | Look & Feel: 22/25 | Features 22/25 | How much I enjoy 22/25




PolandPad strap to ciekawy uchwyt dla iPada, dzięki któremu korzystanie z tabletu jest bardziej komfortowe i bezpieczne. Gdy długo korzystamy z iPada staje się on ciężki i niewygodny w trzymaniu. Dzięki temu gadżetowi, możemy wygodnie wysyłać maile, pisać notatki czy grać w gry podczas siedzenia w fotelu lub spaceru. Jest on nietypowy, ponieważ ma formę paska. Budowa Pad strap powoduje, że jego montaż i używanie jest bardzo proste i szybkie.




South Korea탄성이 강한 고무밴드와 가죽으로 구성된 이 스트랩은
한손으로도 쉽게 아이패드를 이용할 수 있게 만들어 주는 기능을 가지고 있지요.
제작사에서는 본체 무게에 무게를 더해주는
여타의 가죽이나, 플라스틱 아이패드 케이스와 달리
아이패드 본체에 무게 부담을 주지 않는 최소한의 디자인으로 만들어
보다 편안하고, 안전하며, 안정성 있는 사용환경을 만들어 주고 있다고 하는군요.
출처:아이패드가 무거우세요? 그렇다면 스트랩 하나 장만 하세요




United StatesiPad Gift Guide: It's not a case. It's not a cover. The Pad Strap is a slip-proof leather and elastic strap that lets you hold your iPad at multiple viewing angles, with one hand, for maximum touchscreen-ability. While not hiding the iPad's stylish good looks.




RussiaИзобретательная мысль не дремлет. Очередное приспособление придумано для iPad. Ремень , который позволяет закрепить iPad на ладони. Ремень крепится при помощи специальных кармашков на углах iPad. Удобное приспособление для показа изображений друзьям и удобно для работы с iPad.




United StatesThe iPad Strap is perfect for those who like to use the iPad without a case, but also want to have a secure grip without wearing out their hands.



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